Frequently Asked Questions


How much will my ultrasound cost?

We offer a wide variety of packages and add-ons that make our services affordable to most everyone. Be sure to check out our specials on Facebook as they change monthly and quarterly.

Will you be able to determine the sex of my baby?

Beginning at 14 weeks, we can determine the sex of your baby under our Gender/Sneak Peek packages. If you come in at 14 weeks or later and we are unable to find the sex, we will bring you back at no additional charge. We can check for gender earlier than 14 weeks, but we will not be able to return or refund you if we cannot. It is not usually likely before 13 weeks.

Are my friends and family welcome to join in the viewing room?

Of course! We invite you to bring anyone you would like to share this special moment with you. The room holds about 10 comfortably, 

Is it necessary to make an appointment?

Yes, we require an appointment in advance as it is our goal to give everyone the most efficient and enjoyable experience possible. However, you can give us a call or text if you would like to check the availability of same day appointments.  (If you would like an appointment on a Thursday evening or Saturday, please book as far in advance as possible. These appointments book up quickly!)

Is it necessary to have a full bladder?

If you are fewer than 20 weeks pregnant, we recommend that you arrive with a comfortably full bladder. Drinking orange juice immediately before you arrive will hydrate you and get your baby moving.

Otherwise, we recommend that all expectant mothers drink plenty of water in the days leading up to their appointment.  If you are well hydrated, the amniotic fluid will be clearer and your baby's images will be sharper.

What is the best time to have a Gender Determination or Full Face ultrasound?

We are equipped to perform ultrasounds anytime after 12 weeks and up until 34 weeks.  For the best results, we recommend 16 weeks for gender determination. (Although we will check at 14 and guarantee a free return if we can't determine gender, 16 weeks is most clear with least chance of having to return, recommended if you are doing a Gender Reveal Party) 30 weeks is best for 3D/4D images of what your baby will look like after it is born. Check out our Before and After photo album on Facebook and our website photo gallery for examples!


What technology do you use? Is it safe for both mother and baby?

We are the first in Oklahoma to have offered state-of-the-art GE Voluson E6 with HD Live. 3D/4D scanning is as safe as any standard 2D scanning an obstetrician would perform. The scanning mechanism is the same in 2D, 3D and 4D scans. A 3D scan does not use stronger or more intense sound waves nor does it produce more heat than a 2D scan. A 3D or 4D scan simply decodes the sound waves that bounce off your baby in a different manner.  Providers have used ultrasound for more than 30 years, and they have not found any dangerous risks. 

Is this a good substitute for an ultrasound with my obstetrician?

We are a non-diagnostic elective facility not meant to replace your regular doctor visits. This means we do not perform routine medical ultrasounds or prenatal care. We cannot and will not confirm your due date, scan for congenital abnormalities, or alert you to any other pregnancy-related issues. 

Do you take insurance/Soonercare/Medicare/etc?

Because we are a non-diagnostic elective facility we cannot accept insurance.  All services must be paid in full with cash or card (no checks) prior to the start of the appointment.  

What if I need to reschedule or cancel an appointment?

If you find that you need to reschedule your appointment you may do so in one of two ways.  You can always give us a call and we would be glad to help you reschedule to a time that works better for you or you can use the link on your confirmation e-mail to reschedule your appointment on-line. If you would like to cancel your appointment you can also do that using those methods.

What about my deposit?

If you originally scheduled on-line and paid the $15 deposit we will apply that to the cost of your appointment. If you cancel we will issue a refund if it is done at least 72 hours prior to your appointment time.

Do you offer a military discount?

To our military families, we offer the choice of a free CD, DVD, or brown mini heartbeat bear.

Tips For Your Appointment

For All Appointments 12-24 Weeks

If you are coming in for a Gender/Sneak Peek from 12-24 weeks, we recommend having a full bladder (but not painfully full). We suggest drinking orange juice as your arriving can fill your bladder and get the baby moving due to the sugar.   

For All Appointments 25-34 Weeks

If you are coming for a 3D/4D session from 25-35 weeks, you do NOT need a full bladder. For the best results, we recommend that you eat a full meal as close to your appointment time as possible. We suggest that you finish eating in the parking lot or waiting room. 

Babies are usually very active for 30 minutes after you eat. After this period, they turn over, snuggle to their hands, and fall asleep making it more difficult to get good pictures.

In addition to eating, you may want to bring something cold and sweet to drink. Orange juice works well to keep the baby up and active during your appointment.

35+Weeks - We do not recommend waiting longer than 34 weeks to book. Babies tend to run out of room for good pictures

All Appointments

For best results at any stage you should be well hydrated. Drinking plenty of water everyday, especially in the week leading to your appointment, can make your amniotic fluid clearer and give you sharper images.